Postpartum gift

Postpartum Care Package

Surprise the new momma with the perfect gift of luxurious handcrafted skincare products made with organic, unrefined, raw ingredients. Handmade by small mama-owned business Lavender Meadows Co.

A sweet care package to remind mom that it’s ok to take care of herself too. You can also chose to have an automated delivery by due date.

See below for detailed product information.


This gift set includes

Cocoa Shea Belly Butter (4oz): A richly whipped butter made with raw and organic ingredients. Helps relieve dry, itchy, stretched skin and assists in the healing of stretch marks and scars.

Lavender Bath Salts (4oz): Helps relieve sore muscles and the soothing lavender scent relax’s the mind.

Matcha Mom Soothing Spray (2oz): Fragrance free, refreshing body spray that can be used from head to toe.

Boob Balm (1oz): Made to soothe, protect, and moisturize dry nipples.

Postpartum gift
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