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Parenting in Partnership


As rewarding as team-parenting can be, it’s equally challenging to make it happen. Strong communication, compassion, mutual respect, and attunement to each other’s needs is key, but life can get in the way sometimes. (Think work pressures, kids’ needs…you know, life.) So it makes sense that co-parents sometimes struggle to work harmoniously. 

But the effort is worth it. Supportive co-parenting is important for your child’s healthy development, and it also makes parenting less frustrating and more joyful

Team-parenting takes ongoing effort, routine practice, and, sometimes, some third-party advice. In this program, we’ll teach you and your partner techniques that enable you to value individual beliefs, support one another, and rely on each other. We’ll discuss in detail effective communication methods built on mutual respect. You’ll learn how to successfully share the mental load that causes stress, burnout, and tension. With the tools we provide, you’ll create a roadmap toward a balanced, attainable co-parenting plan customized to your family and lifestyle. You’ll finish this program with a rekindled sense of joy for each other and for parenting…and, I promise, the skills for creating a stronger family unit for years to come.

Developed and led by pediatrician and mom Dr. Whitney Casares with expert contributing guests Jancee Dunn (NYT best selling author), Megan Megginson (Marriage & Family Therapist) and Dr. Bruce Birk (pediatrician) this program is designed to recharge your parenting game.




Dr. Whitney gets me. I was really struggling as a new working mom – my husband and I were fighting all the time, my life was disorganized, we were exhausted. She helped me with the practical things – sleep, feeding, and childcare – and, more importantly, also helped me with perspective. - Mia K
We did the "Parenting in Partnership" program and it helped bring us back to our goals as parents and spouses. It's hard to keep that in mind, with everything going on all the time, and it was good to stop and think about it, with real guidance, to keep on course. - Jes Davis


1. ACKNOWLEDGING THE FACTS: Male-female equity in parenting, stereotypes, societal norms, and even biology

2. INDIVIDUAL NEEDS: Get attuned to each other’s wants and points of view 

3. MINDSET: End internal/external conflict and cultivate more compassion

4. MENTAL LOAD: Effectively replace stress, burnout, and resentment with shared responsibility

5. COMMUNICATION: Implement best practices and methods essential for harmonious co-parenting and a relationship built on respect

6. CONNECTION: Building a collective unit and working in date nights, sex, and regular reset moments 

7. OPTIMIZATION: Dividing and conquering, capitalizing on individual strengths and preferences, and simplifying to make space for free time

8. SUCCESSFUL SYSTEMS: Create a balanced, attainable plan for your family using resources/tools to your advantage 

9. OUTSOURCING: Getting outside help

When I found Dr. Whitney’s online program, I felt like I hit the jackpot! It was like a friend, a mentor, and an expert, all wrapped into one.




We know you’re going to love this course, but if you’re not 100% satisfied, let us know within 30 days and we’ll happily refund your purchase. You’ll have 24-hour online access to this self-paced, practical course anytime it works for YOU.

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