Navigating and Regulating Emotions E-Course


Navigating & Regulating Children's Big Emotions


None of us are born knowing how to handle big emotions. It can be a challenging skill to learn for many children. The good news? With some evidence-based instruction, you, Mama, can confidently teach your kids the techniques of self-regulating, which will in turn build their resilience — and we know how valuable of a skill that can be! 

This program will coach you on a variety of strategies to help your littles identify, feel, and control their emotions in a calm, constructive way. With some nurturing guidance, you’ll be saying goodbye to those meltdown moments and hello to a more peaceful way of approaching troublesome behaviors. You’ll develop an actionable parenting philosophy that works best for 
YOUR child’s specific needs (which can be wildly different from kid to kid) while not ignoring yours. And, finally, we’ll equip you with the skills to gracefully handle those moments (or days) when you’re feeling most overwhelmed. Let’s be real: this isn’t easy! But when you finish this program, you’ll be amazed by how much grace and poise you’ve adopted AND how positively your child is responding

Developed and led by pediatrician and mom, Dr. Whitney Casares, with guest psychologists Dr. Amy Stoeber and Kristen Genzano, as well as pediatricians Dr. Scott Spencer and Dr. Bruce Birk.


When I found Dr. Whitney’s online program, I felt like I hit the jackpot! It was like a friend, a mentor, and an expert, all wrapped into one.



1. CARING FOR YOUR NEEDS: Starting with your needs so you can feel your best – ensuring the foundation is solid

2. DEVELOPMENT: Understanding what’s really happening inside

3. ATTENDING TO THE BASICS: The items we all need – sleep, nutrition, and physical activity 

4. TEMPERAMENT AND TRIGGERS: Getting down to the specifics for your individual child 

5. MINDFULNESS: Changing immediate reactions of high emotion to calm consideration

6. PARENTING STYLES: Identifying your personal style 

7. CONNECTION: Building a nurturing environment where you problem-solve collaboratively 

8. RESILIENCE: Seven tips to make us all stronger, no matter our age 

9. MINDSET: Using internal and external tools to diffuse your feelings of being overwhelmed and frustrated 

10. SUCCESSFUL SYSTEMS: Create an immediate parenting philosophy that your child successfully responds to and learns from



We know you’re going to love this course, but if you’re not 100% satisfied, let us know within 30 days and we’ll happily refund your purchase. You’ll have 24-hour online access to this self-paced, practical course anytime it works for YOU.

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